I had a lovely reminder this week why the cloud is so much better than locally installed software.

Xero have released details of a great new update coming in 2015, it is a host of business information displayed in graphical form at your finger tips.

This allows you to keep abreast of your financial trends in a few clicks. As an accountant I understand how important this graphical representation can be, not everybody is a ‘numbers person’ and it is easy for us accountants to forget this as we spend all day looking at them.

So it’s a great update, but here’s the thing, when the time comes for this update to be rolled out it will likely happen after an hour of so of ‘downtime’ but after that it will be available to all. That is simply why the cloud wins.

Comparing it to desktop software, first it would either need to be downloaded, a tedious and sometimes unreliable process depending on your internet connection (here in rural Dorset we understand unreliable connections), or sent through the post.

Of course that is excluding the fact that this would probably only be available in the 2015 version of your desktop program requiring additional expenditure. Compound that with someone having to trudge ‘round the office and install it on each user’s computer.

This is a real demonstration that the cloud offers:

 Continuous improvement

 Stress free maintenance & upgrades

 A much improved user experience

If this sounds great to you Xero are currently offering FREE transfer of your data from Sage or Quickbooks. Get in contact with us and we can arrange this for you.

Author: Steve Lincoln

Forward thinking accountant and cloud accounting champion, Steve believes all businesses should benefit from the better service made possible by the new technology.

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