Modern Bookkeepers



Ensuring your bookkeeping is up to date is important so that you meet your legal obligations and deadlines. Timely financial information is also important  to help your business grow.

Keeping your records can be a laborious and tedious task. Even if you do keep your records yourself there can be accuracy issues. We are meticulous and methodical to help minimise errors.

Why choose P&L Accounts?


By hiring us as your bookkeeper your time will be free to do what you do best, rather than the admin which goes with it. Any good bookkeeper can do this, so why choose us ?

Fully qualified

Bookkeeping is a vital function in any business. Why leave it to people with little experience or qualifications?

You know with us you are getting the best support possible.

Xero cloud accounting

Our use of cloud accounting, Xero in particular, enables us to offer a revolutionary bookkeeping service. Here are just some of the advantages:

  • You can access the software anywhere you have an internet connection, at any time
  • Do as much or as little as you like, and it will seamless integrate with our work
  • Any questions or problems can be dealt with instantly, there is no need to be in the same place
  • Your information is up to date, no separate files between us to duplicate or get confused over
  • Your data is secure behind bank level security, and free from viruses, corruption or computer problems

Fast processing

Our use of the cloud it makes it possible to use other cloud providers.

One of the best is document scanning. Scan your invoices for electronic processing and conversion to purchase invoices or bills. We can spend our time reviewing information and ensuring accuracy, rather than manually processing, saving you time and money.

Detailed input

We can also ensure that the data which is recorded in your system suits you. The information is relevant and helps you develop your business.


So now you have accurate information, what do you do with it? We will use this data to prepare meaningful reports for you, so you can make the right business decisions.


As we are also accountants, we can assist you with any of our other services. From bookkeeping and payroll to year end accounts and tax advice you can rely on.

Other bookkeeping software


We are not just cloud based bookkeepers, we also have extensive experience and knowledge in most other bookkeeping packages built up over a number of years, these include:



VT Transaction +

Even Excel!

Let us take the stress out of preparing your books by contacting us today.

We will visit you wherever you are at no extra charge and at a time which is convenient with you including evenings and weekends.