So, this Wednesday I will be hosting our first Twitter tax and accounts clinic. It is running from 7 to 8pm and will be using the dorsettax hashtag.

We will run these clinics once a month, provisionally, on the last Wednesday of that month but that may be subject to change.

 So what will be covered?

Any question, no matter how big or small, although you will have to think about the 140 characters! This includes Income Tax, Corporation Tax, VAT, PAYE, Capital Gains Tax or any accountancy related question, such as company law questions. Given the space Inheritance Tax can’t be covered with a meaningful answer, and our replies will also need to be 140 characters or less!

Given those restrictions we will answer as best as we can, but may ask for more details or send a direct message if your question warrants it.

I hope to speak to some of you on Wednesday night.

Don’t forget 7 to 8 pm on #dorsettax.

Author: Steve Lincoln

Forward thinking accountant and cloud accounting champion, Steve believes all businesses should benefit from the better service made possible by the new technology.

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